Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Carrington Farm has partnered with Southard's Seafood. We will have a large inventory of beef and pork products every Friday from 12:00 - 5:30. We will be set up across from Gibson's Auction on rt 20. You cant beat local fresh Surf and Turf!!

Retail pricing is listed below, please contact us for available sales and discounts. Please call or email orders in. 



 There is no mystery to how we get the consistent quality and flavor from our beef. Our cattle are grass fed and grain finished on one farm, the are not purchased through large feeder calf auctions. They do not move from farm to farm on large truck loads. They spend their entire life on one farm on a grass and grain regiment, that is designed to promote steady, slow and healthy weight gain. Our cattle are only moved one time. This low stress practice provides a higher quality of life for our animals and an unequaled quality of beef.  

*Please note the prices listed are per pound.

**Please select any of the cuts listed and you will be linked to USDA Beef/Pork page. This will explain each cut, provide detail on texture and taste and preferred cooking methods. 

Boneless Chuck Steak
Ranch Steak                                $12.50
Denver Steak                               $12.50
Chuck Eye                                    $12.50
Flat Iron                                       $12.50

Short Loin
B/L NY Strip [1.25"]                   $21.00
B/L Filet [1.25"]                         $21.00  
B/I Porterhouse [1.25"]             $21.00  
B/I T-Bone [1.25"]                     $21.00  
Petite Top Strip [1.25"]             $16.00  

Sirloin Tip Steak                         $12.50  
Tri Tip                                         $15.00  
B/L Delmonico                           $19.00  
B/I Rib Steak                             $19.00

Top Round
Fajita Meat                                $10.00  
London Broil                             $10.00

Cube Steak                                $8.50  
Osso Bucco                                $6.00  
2" Short Ribs                             $8.50  
Flank                                        $21.00  
Brisket                                     $10.00  
Eye Round                                $10.00  
Ground Beef                              $7.50  
Flap Meat                                $16.00


 Our pork is feed an all natural unique small grain diet. They are raised in an open pen, allowing for a healthy growth and high quality of pork. We never use animal based proteins in their diet, these practices result in a tender pork with great flavor. 

Bone in Pork Chops                                      $8.50

Boneless Pork Chops                                    $8.50

Boneless Tenderloin                                    $15.00

Boneless Loin Roast                                     $9.50

Short Ribs                                                    $6.00

Ribs                                                              $8.00

Boston Butt                                                  $8.00

Sausage (Hot)                                               $6.75

Sausage (Maple)                                           $6.75

Bratwurst (Regular)                                     $8.75

Bratwurst (Pepper & Cheese)                       $8.75

Bacon (No MSG's)                                       $12.00

Bacon                                                         $12.00


Poultry & Duck

*Pricing and cuts are coming soon!!!